We Value Your Feedback : Mothers

mommy makeover birmingham al

Recently, Dr. Clinton released a blog post about the “mommy makeover.”  Afterward, we  received a number of comments from mothers who felt we were accurately describing how they felt about their body after baby.

“It is a distinct pleasure to see a wide variety of patients, but if someone were to ask me to describe the most common patient, it would look something like this.  The patient would be female, late 30′s, early 40′s; mother of two to three children; possibly history of a c-section and breast feeding.  She lives a healthy lifestyle of reasonable diet and exercise but she isn’t satisfied with the results.  She would like improvement in breast volume/shape/position, abdominal loose skin/stubborn fat; muscle laxity and body contour of lower back/inner and outer thighs/back of arms.  I think it’s important to note these patients typically have a very supportive spouse.  They have reached the point where they realize with frustration that the change they seek can not be achieved without aesthetic surgical intervention.”

We know patients considering these procedures would benefit greatly from hearing your stories and your experience.  Should you feel so compelled, please take a moment to either respond to these questions or if you feel more comfortable, simply write several sentences about your experience.  I hope it goes without saying, all responses will be completely anonymous.  Thank you for taking the time to share.

Email us here: revealbeautycps@gmail.com

Some questions that may guide you in your comments. Please do not feel limited by these suggestions:

  • How did you decide on plastic surgery as an option?
  • What were your aesthetic goals after pregnancy(s)?
  • Why did you choose Dr. Clinton?
  • How did you hear about Dr. Clinton?
  • What impact has your surgery had how you see or feel about yourself? Your spouse’s perception of you? Has your spouse seen a change in you?
  • How were you treated in the consultation process?
  • Tell us about your recovery process. Pain/ duration/ difficulty/compared to expectations
  • How do your results compare to your expectations?
  • Would you do it all over again? Would you recommend this  to a friend?