Fat Grafting

Free fat grafting is intended to improve the appearance of many different areas of the body that lack subcutaneous tissue fullness. Although fat grafting has become very popular in the last several years for various breast and facial applications,  it has been generally performed for decades with recognized success. Improving techniques and increasing experience, has lead to even better graft survival, and therefore, outcome predictability.  Unfortunately, many insurance providers continue to consider fat grafting as “investigational,” and will not offer coverage even for reconstructive cases.

fat-graftingWhat to Expect

There can be flexibility in the anesthetic choices depending on the unique patient needs and extent of areas to be treated.

Incisions are usually similar to those performed for liposuction/lipoplasty and often smaller.

All patients: Compression garments are worn for one month full time and two weeks, half time.

Fat Grafting | Post-Surgery Care

All patients are evaluated no later than the day after surgery. Postoperative care and recovery is again discussed in great detail. Care of the operative are is detailed in the written and verbal instructions. Phone calls are encouraged if there is need of clarification. There should be no heavy lifting, strenuous activity or “straining” for two more weeks. Return to work or other more specific activities should be addressed with the physician/nurse since there can be a high degree of variability in demand and a plan can often be developed to enable you to return to more normal activity faster.

Fat Grafting | Results

Results can be long term but certainly are impacted by weight loss/gain, environmental factors and the natural aging process.

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