Redefine the Term “Mom Jeans” with a Mommy Makeover

We think it’s time that the term “Mom Jeans” gets a new definition. Clinton Plastic Surgery moms are fit and sexy, even after several children. Have your babies and then come see us for a mommy makeover. We’ll help you lose those stretch marks, ditch that saggy belly, and perk up your breasts. Who needs high waisted, tummy control jeans? After a mommy makeover, you won’t need them either. Rock those “Mom Jeans” and look amazing!

What Can a Mommy Makeover Do for Me?

A mommy makeover transforms your body after baby, restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy appearance. We’ll customize your treatment to your specific needs, focusing on those areas you want to change and improve. A mommy makeover often includes the following procedures:

  • Breast Surgery– Lift or resize your breasts with breast surgery. Many women choose to include breast augmentation, breast reduction, and/or breast lift surgery in their mommy makeover. These procedures address common post-pregnancy issues like breast volume loss, saggy breasts, nipple changes, etc.
  • Tummy Tuck- Abdominal changes are very common after pregnancy. A tummy tuck can restore a tight, flat abdomen. You’ll even notice fewer stretch marks, since the procedure will remove many of the stretch marks below the belly button.
  • Liposuction– Hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding can contribute to stubborn, isolated fat pockets. After you lose that baby weight, you may still struggle with excess belly fat, love handles, etc. Liposuction targets these trouble spots, permanently removing fat cells and reshaping the body. This isn’t a weight loss procedure and works best once you’ve achieved your ideal weight. We also offer lipoplasty.
  • Free Fat Grafting– Turn your extra fat into sexy curves with free fat grafting. We can take excess fat removed through liposuction and place it into areas that need additional fullness like the breasts or buttocks.

Other procedures may be included in your mommy makeover as needed. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your treatment goals and recommend the procedures best suited for achieving them. We will work with you to create a surgical plan that works with your goals and your budget.

Am I Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

If a better body after baby is one of your goals, read through the questions on the list below to see if you’re ready for a consultation. Call our offices to take your next step!

  • Do You Have Unwanted Post-Pregnancy Body Changes?- Pregnancy changes the body. If you have unwanted pregnancy related changes like saggy breasts, stretch marks, loose abdominal skin, excess fat, etc., come see us for your mommy makeover consultation.
  • Are You Finished Having Children?- A mommy makeover is best performed after your last pregnancy. Although pregnancy is safe after surgery, it can reverse the changes you’ll experience. Wait until you’re finished bearing children to schedule your mommy makeover. If you’re not quite ready for a full mommy makeover, come in and see anyway. Many women opt for breast surgery or skin resurfacing to improve their look between pregnancies.
  • Are You Ready for a Better Body?- Get your best body back! With a mommy makeover, you can love your kids and your body too.

Call today and schedule your mommy makeover consultation at Clinton Plastic Surgery.