Facelift Series: Recovery

What’s keeping you from scheduling your facelift consultation? For many of our patients, fear of the recovery process keeps them from coming in and learning more about their facial rejuvenation options. We’ll be honest, recovery after a facelift isn’t going to be as enjoyable as a trip to Disneyland, but with the right expectations and a little preparation, it can be a productive and fairly comfortable experience. Even better, you’ll enjoy your stunning results for the rest of your life. Give us two weeks and we’ll make you look the best you have in decades. It’s time to learn more; call today and schedule your consultation.

Facelift Recovery Timeline- What to Expect

How much time will I need to take off from work after my facelift? When will I be photo ready again? Let’s take a quick look at a typical timeline for recovery after a facelift.

  • Right After Your Facelift– We’ll send you home shortly after your surgery is complete to recover in the comfort of your own home. You’ll need someone to drive you and will feel very groggy after surgery. Rest as much as you can and make sure that someone stays with you to help you get around, assist with your medications, etc. You may experience bruising, swelling, tingling, itching, etc. as you heal. These symptoms will improve gradually throughout the healing process.
  • The Day After Surgery- You’ll come back in and meet with us the day after surgery. We’ll check in and make sure you’re healing properly and you can ask any questions you may have. We’ll monitor your healing closely throughout the recovery process. Call us with any questions at any time.
  • Two Weeks or Less After Surgery- Most patients return to work within 10-14 days after surgery. Your incisions may still be noticeable, but you can cover them with makeup as needed. Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities for two weeks.
  • Full Recovery- Your scars will fade over time throughout the recovery process. It can take up to a year for scars to fully fade. At first they will be dark and red, but they will become flatter and lighter as they heal. Keep your scars out of the sun as they heal. Fully matured scars are typically very hard to see, often unnoticeable. They are thin, white, and should blend into the surrounding skin.

Tips for a Successful Recovery

We’ll give you detailed information about your recovery process before and after surgery. These tips can help you to experience a more comfortable and successful recovery experience.

  • Follow Recovery Instructions- Our recovery instructions have been carefully created to ensure a successful recovery. Follow our instructions carefully and get in touch if you ever have questions or experience anything unexpected.
  • Take Your Pain Medications- Pain medications are an important part of the healing process. Take your pain medications as needed, especially the first few days after surgery.
  • Rest– Give your body time to heal. Rest and relaxation are the keys to a successful recovery. Take it easy and don’t resume work or strenuous activities before you’re ready.

A few weeks of recovery is a small price to pay for decades of rejuvenation. Call us today and schedule your facelift consultation with Dr. Clinton.