Facelift Series: Creating Your Customized Surgical Plan

If we told you that you could look 8-10 years younger, would you want to know more? A facelift is like a time machine for your appearance, turning back the clock and restoring your appearance to its former, rejuvenated self. Dr. Clinton performs many facelifts and our patients generally love their results. The key to our exceptional facelift results is a dedication to one-on-one time with each patient and a customized plan that focuses on your needs. Call us today to schedule your personalized consultation to get started.

During your consultation, we’ll work together to create your surgical plan. Here’s how.

Determine If You’re a Good Candidate for Facelift Surgery

Facelifts are dramatic transformations, but they aren’t the right choice for every patient. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your goals for surgery and determine if a facelift is the right procedure to achieve them. We may recommend other, complementary procedures to pair with your facelift or may suggest trying a different procedure altogether. We’ll work with you to turn your aesthetic dreams into reality.

We’ll also discuss your medical history to make sure a facelift is a safe option. Bring a list of any medications you’re taking and any relevant medical records. Your safety is our priority.

Choosing the Right Variations for You

Facelifts can be highly customized to target your specific problem areas. Here are a few of the many variations Dr. Clinton may include in your surgical plan:

  • Anesthesia– Surgery is usually performed under a light general anesthesia, but some flexibility in aesthetic choices may be available, depending on your needs and characteristics.
  • Incision Placement– The placement of your incisions will vary, but are typically located in the hairline, behind the ears, and under the chin (if needed). Incisions are always placed in inconspicuous locations and are carefully closed to minimize scarring.
  • Incision Length– Varies depending on the amount of rejuvenation required.
  • Layers of Tissue Dissection
  • Lifting Process of the Skin and Muscle Layers
  • Complementary Procedures- A facelift can often be paired with other complementary procedures like a browlift or eyelid surgery.
  • SMAS Grafting- Excess SMAS (supporting deeper tissue on the face) can be used to fill in deeper lines and wrinkles on the face.

We’ll work with you to choose the best options for your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

Doctor and Patient Together

The best results are born from a collaboration between Dr. Clinton and you, the patient. He’ll work with you, one-on-one to customize your treatment and ensure your satisfaction with your results. Call us today and get started on your customized facelift plan.