2020s Best Non-Surgical Treatments for Undereye Bags

Pack your bags! We’re not talking about a trip to Bermuda, although escaping winter’s chill sounds wonderful right now. This blog is all about undereye bags, those pesky bulges that leave you looking tired and worn out, even when you’re well-rested. 

No one wants the aged appearance of bags under the eyes. We’ll teach you how to pack up those bags and eliminate them for a smoother and more refreshed eye appearance. 

Surgery isn’t the only way to treat and resolve undereye bags. If you’ve got them, we can help.

What Causes Undereye Bags?

Undereye bags are a common problem, one with many causes. Stress, allergies, genetics, water retention, and hormones can all lead to puffy, swollen eyes. 

What can be done? Laying back with a cold cucumber slice on each eye may be a solution you’ve seen on TV, but we’ll let you in a little secret. Cucumbers are delicious on a salad, but for undereye bags, they don’t do the trick. 

We often recommend blepharoplasty, a surgical treatment that smooths and rejuvenates the upper or lower eyelids. This procedure is one of the most effective solutions for undereye bags. An eyelid lift offers lasting results and can smooth stubborn wrinkles and extensive sagging.

Getting Rid of Your Undereye Bags: Non-Surgical Options that Really Work

Surgery is effective, but many of our patients want to avoid invasive treatments when they can. If you have bags under the eyes but aren’t ready for surgery, there are many non-surgical options available; such as:

  • Dermal Fillers– One of the most noticeable aspects of under-eye bags is the transition between the puffy bag and the hollow cheek below. Dermal fillers smooth this gap, creating an even transition between the two areas. This won’t eliminate the bag under your eye, but it will make its appearance fade away. Fillers can also smooth out lines and wrinkles surrounding the eyes. Dermal fillers are injected into the area around the eye. They require no downtime and recovery is a breeze for most patients. 
  • Botox®- Botox® can be an effective solution for some types of undereye bags. This treatment works best on mild bags and can be combined with fillers too. Botox® treatment takes just a few minutes and most patients require no downtime. Results last several months and can be maintained with regular treatments. 
  • Laser Rejuvenation- Some patients develop undereye bags because of thinning, aging skin. These patients may experience improvement due to enhanced elasticity and tautness of the skin. Laser rejuvenation is an effective option. Dr. Clinton can discuss this treatment in more detail and help you determine which cosmetic lasers are best and how many treatments you’ll need to see results. 

Rejuvenate your eyes and lose the bags with these non-surgical surgical options for eyelid rejuvenation. Contact us or call (205) 408-9787 to schedule a consultation at Clinton Plastic Surgery and explore your options with a board-certified plastic surgeon in Birmingham, AL.